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Social Login using PHP and Google


In this tutorial we look at how we can add social login to our web application using Google. We do this in PHP.

Wynton Franklin | Thu Jun 13, 2019

Add MySQL database connection to our spring API.


Here we add a mysql database connection to our rest controller.

Wynton Franklin | Mon May 20, 2019

Rest API with spring boot


We create a simple events api using spring boot. We utitlize all the methods.

Wynton Franklin | Fri May 10, 2019

Creating a SOAP client and server in PHP


In this tutorial we create a Web Service using SOAP and PHP

Wynton Franklin | Thu May 2, 2019

Slim Framework and PHP web development


In this tutorial I create a app using slim

Wynton Franklin | Mon Apr 22, 2019

Introduction to Bulma a CSS framework


Creating elements using the bulma css framework

Wynton Franklin | Mon Apr 22, 2019

Vue Axios Tutorial

JavaScript  vue.js   

In this sample I work with vue.js and axios to get api data.

Wynton Franklin | Sun Apr 21, 2019

Forms and two way binding with angular.


We look at two way binding in angular especially in forms.

Wynton Franklin | Fri Apr 19, 2019